Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is the production control technique for eliminating the waste from your manufacturing. It focuses on eliminating waste and empowering workers, reduced inventory and improved productivity. By maximizing the use of multi-skilled employees, the company shall able to flatten their management structure and focus resources in a flexible manner. Since, the company can make changes quickly, they were often able to respond faster to market demands than their competitors could.


  • Quality performance, fewer defects and rework (in house and at customer)
  • Fewer Machine and Process Breakdowns
  • Lower levels of Inventory
  • Greater levels of Stock Turnover
  • Less Space Required
  • Higher efficiency and more output per man hour
  • Improved delivery performance
  • Faster Development
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved employee morale and involvement
  • Improved Supplier Relations
  • Increased Business
  • Higher Profits

Senior management, Mid-level managers, Front Line Supervisors & Employees.

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